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Access Management is the seamless combination of the core elements of Risk and Project Management, Business Development and Language and Cultural Services.  We provide a holistic solution, tailored to your individual commercial requirements, to deliver you to market. We believe that no other consultancy can provide our breadth and depth of relevant experience.

Risk Management and Project Management

Access Consulting implements proven Management of Risk and Project Management frameworks informed by corporate governance principles and international standards for risk and project management (ISO31000: 2009, ISO21500:2012).

Business Development


Extensive experience in sales, marketing and logistics underpins Access Consulting’s proven track record in developing, maintaining and penetrating new markets across the globe.

Language and Cultural Services

Academic linguistic and anthropological grounding, with international business experience combine to deliver you invaluable language and cultural services in your chosen field. Professional translation to ISO standards, remote or accompanied interpreting, or cultural coaching all ensure that your message is understood as you intended it to be.

Access Management


The intelligent application of our three core elements, according to your needs, creates a powerful tool to deliver you a competitive advantage and unparalleled ACCESS.

Risk and Project Management

Whether your current risk and project management is formalised according to recognised best practice, or simply implemented through learned experience, we are able to help. We will consult with your management team to initiate or improve procedures and policies, minimising disruption and maximising productive output.

Business Development

We will work in close cooperation with you and your team to examine and shape your existing business strategies, enhancing your potential and maximising your impact.

Language and Cultural Services

As globalisation brings together businesses from across the world, it is vital to understand the needs and desires of both your clients and competitors. Cross-cultural training and professional language services ensure you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Please contact us today to discuss how we can help your business

As the owner of Access Consulting I am committed to providing you flawless service at the best possible value. For an estimate or to discuss your requirements in more detail, please submit your request through the CONTACT button below.